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What Happened to Casinos That Allow Drunken Gambling

When you visit a gambling venue, whether it’s a land-based casino or an online pokes casino, you always expect to have a spectacular time. What are you prepared to do to make it happen?

If you take the time to visit brick-and-mortar casinos, entertaining games, scrumptious food, and a drink here and there can easily elevate your experience. However, some gamblers take things too far by consuming excessive amounts of alcohol, thus reaching a state of intoxication.  

In most cases, Aussie gambling venues do their best to detect drunk players and prevent them from gambling away all their savings, but that’s not always possible. So what happens once a casino allows players to place bets while drunk?

What Happened in Alice Springs, Australia?

Last year, a casino in Alice Springs failed to prevent inebriated customers from gambling on three separate occasions, which was in direct violation of local laws.

As a result, the casino was sued, and this week, the court came to a decision: the casino is to pay 18,000 AUD: $5,000 for every time they didn’t comply with the law, and an additional $1,000 victim’s levy for every incident.

It turns out that around the same time, the casino had to escort 38 people off the premises every single day, which is quite a lot and can explain how they missed an intoxicated player here and there.

Around the same time, a new law regarding alcohol consumption came into effect, which encouraged people to frequent the casino more often. According to the law, heavy drinkers can be banned from purchasing over-the-counter alcohol for various reasons.

In addition to that, people within 20 meters of shops that sell alcohol can be questioned by police auxiliaries, and any alcohol in their possession can be seized.

Once heavy drinkers realised that buying alcohol is not as easy as it used to be, they opted for visiting establishments that serve the same drinks at all hours, casinos included. The casino in question saw an increase of 35% in visitation rates, and as it turns out, some of them failed to drink moderately.

The casino also didn't cope well with the influx of customers, not addressing the issue heads on, which led to the issue in question.

Previous Cases Concerning Gambling and Alcohol

Although the Aussie casino had to pay for being careless about their security and attitude towards drunk punters, it is not the first time such a thing happens.

In 2014, an American gambler who lost more than half a million dollars at the casino sued the gambling venue, claiming that the staff allowed him to gamble while drunk. Mark Johnston visited a casino in Las Vegas, and he stated that he was already inebriated when stepping onto the casino’s floor. He then proceeded to gamble for 17-18 hours straight, drinking even more in the process.

According to the lawsuit, no one made an effort to stop him from placing bets, even though it was clear that he was not thinking clearly.

How Do Pokies Online Casinos Treat the Subject?

Land-based casinos are not the only ones that strive to keep gamblers from making life-altering mistakes. Every gambling venue that provides online pokes in Australia has a “responsible gambling” program that is designed to keep players in check.

They often work alongside various foundations, such as the Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation, which provide services to players who developed gambling problems. From helping gamblers to go into treatment to community education, their goal is to make sure people enjoy their gambling session without going too far.

In Conclusion

Both online casinos and land-based venues are responsible for keeping their customers in line. But you can control the outcome of your gambling session as well! 

So remember that your experience at the casino should be fun, and once it starts turning into a burden, you should take a breather and figure out what’s wrong.

Responsible gambling is key for an exhilarating gambling session!