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Blue Dolphin online pokie Best Strategy

The majority of us are only capable of swimming with beautiful blue dolphins, let alone, getting paid for it. With the game "Blue Dolphine", which is an online casino pokie from Amatic, you will have the chance to participate in both forms of activities. As you swim through beautiful blue oceans to search for a blue dolphin, you will also get a chance to earn prices for discovering all kinds of other Marine Wildlife, including: lobsters, squid, giant turtles and more.

There are also great bonus opportunities to pick up on one's adventure including Free Spin Bonus and Scattered Crowns with triple prizes. If you cannot make it down towards the ocean, do not worry as you will still be able to enjoy the game with your computer or your latest iOS or Android mobile devices. With a vast array of options for betting, it is a slot game that players of a vast array bank balances and various levels can enjoy.

Blue Dolphin online pokie Ocean Blues

Blue is certainly the theme of this game as it is the color of the ocean and of course the name of the game: The Blue Dolphin. The dolphins are absolutely adorable and you may not want to stop play the underwater paradise game.

Begin swimming and there is going to be a price waiting for you to swim into the view, or lying on the sea floor where you may pick it up to win prizes. You may begin collecting gorgeous shells that you may see locals selling on the beachfront. They can be worth near 600 or 500 coins. You may also have an opportunity of winning 500 coins for spotting local squids, however, you should not worry as they are not the poisonous types.

You will want to snap up prizes for finding lobsters as that is up to 800 coins, while you may feel like you are in heaven when you end up collecting near 1,500 coins for discovering Angel Fish, which is an identical price as spotting giant turtles in the game. The top pay table prize, as one may expect, is reserved for spotting the blue dolphins, and it accumulates up to a "fin-tastic" 20,000 coins.

There is also treasure that has been shipwrecked in which one may find in the shape of scattered crowns. They will trigger immediate wins of up to a number of 20,000 coins, while three or more Crowns will trigger fifteen free spins. At the time the free spins are conducted, all pries will be tripled while the "free spins" bonus may also be re-triggered during the time of initial bonus.

Blue Dolphin online pokie Squid Stakes

Just as squids are shown as having different tentacles, the slot game has a variety of different methods to stake every spin of reels. The 3 X 5 reels grid offers five pay-lines, and you can stake every line from two coins to two-hundred coins, allowing for minimum bets of 10 coins a spin and maximum bets of a thousand coins per spin.

There are a vast array of reasons why people choose to play online casino games. In order to succeed in actual casinos, one may need to possess a playing strategy. However, it is important to know that such a strategy may only be attained through practice. If you acquire enough practice by playing casino games online, then you will be able to succeed when playing games in actual casinos.

Oftentimes, people find that it can be quite difficult to travel to casinos if they live far away from them. Casinos are known as being a hot spot for vacationing as many people love to gamble.

It is an opportunity in which people are able to escape from reality for a little while into a world where they may potentially be able to win a lot of money. If this happens to be your case, then please do not hesitate to practice playing casino games online prior to going to a casino in real life because you do not want to lose a lot of money when you could simply be building up your knowledge and skills through practice by playing casino games in some of the games that are available online. Blue Dolphin is certainly an online casino slots game that has had people talking due to its brilliant engineering and dynamic game play. You will certainly find that it is a game that has deserved to be called one of the most exhilarating casino games in existence today. See what you can earn by playing the Blue Dolphin.