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Book Of Ra Classic online playing strategy

Learn an ideal strategy for the Book Of Ra Classic online pokie pokie experience available at 24 pokies your favorite online casino. Book of Ra, which is developed by Novomatic and available at traditional casinos as well as online casinos, is perhaps one of the most popular and iconic pokie machines ever created. Since its original release, the game has been published in a number of revisions, which are also quite popular. The Classic game, however, holds a special place in many pokie fans’ hearts, and with that wide appeal in mind, let’s discuss optimal playing strategy when you play at an online casino.

Book Of Ra Classic online pokie Maximize Line Count

The first most important strategy when playing Book Of Ra Classic online pokie and almost any other online casino pokie is to maximize your line count. These lines are often called pay lines, win lines or bet lines, and they’re the adjacent positions on which winning combinations can form. As a rule of thumb, the more lines you have active, the more the odds will be in your favor. In the case of Book Of Ra Classic online pokie, there are nine lines available, and you should aim to have all nine of them active on each and every spin.

Book Of Ra Classic online pokie Maximizing Your Bankroll

With that fundamental aspect of playing strategy out of the way, we can turn our attention to bankroll management. Your goal should be to determine how much you have to spend and how you’ll spend it in advance of sitting down to play at an online casino. If you have $100 a week and want to play an hour every Friday and Saturday, then you have $50 per hour. If you play at a pace of 60 spins per hour, then you have about 80 cents per spin. Set the active lines to nine, and then adjust the available coin sizes and coins per line until you hit about 80 cents. This will max your odds and your play time.

Book Of Ra Classic online pokie Don’t Gamble

Like many an online casino pokie, Book Of Ra Classic online pokie often has a gamble feature. Note that not all Book of Ra machines will offer it, but most do. For those not familiar, the gamble feature is an option after a win to wager some or all of those winnings in a double-or-nothing scenario. This is usually a 50-50 bet. In some cases, it may be higher, but in any case, it’s quite a bit lower than the actual odds. In other words, using this feature is throwing money away because it hurts your odds a lot over the long-term.

Book Of Ra Classic online pokie Playing for a Big Jackpot

You need to decide what type of player you are. Are you playing to hit the big jackpot, or are you playing for the experience? Earlier, we recommended using your bankroll in a way that maximizes your odds while also that ensuring you get to play over the entire desired time. However, if your goal is to win the biggest jackpot that Book Of Ra Classic online pokie has available, then you should not only maximize the pay line count but maximize the coin value and the coins per line. This may mean you only get a few spins per week, but it’ll ensure that each of those spins can bring home the biggest prize available.

The Scatter Is the Most Valuable Symbol on the Board

The jackpot symbol can pay out up to 5,000 coins with five across, which is pretty valuable. However, any decisions you make should aim to maximize your chances to hit the scatter symbol. With just three scatters anywhere on the reels — another reason to maximize your available pay lines — you get coins plus you get 10 free spins. Those free spins cost you nothing so increase your odds considerably. They also feature special wild symbols, which increase your chances even more. Keep in mind that scatters are played at the current spin wager, which is another argument for betting as big as possible each spin.

Book Of Ra Classic online pokie Play Smart

Online pokie machines are games of chance. There’s no system published online or in any book that can help you beat the system. The odds are against you. However, there are steps you can take, such as those outlined above, to ensure that the odds are as much in your favor as possible. Book Of Ra Classic online pokie does have an RTP or return-to-player rate of about 97 percent, which is quite high. That means that out of every dollar the machine takes in, 97 cents goes back to the players. Let’s just hope it’s you and us!