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Book Of Ra Deluxe Online Playing Strategy

The Book of Ra Deluxe is similar to the original Book of Ra pokie machine. However, with the Book of Ra Deluxe, players have more chances to win larger amounts of money and even more chances to gain more bonuses, free spins, and the jackpot. There is no certain way to cheat or use tricks to win with the Book of Ra Deluxe, but there is a great strategy to use to gain one's chances in winning.

The Prerequisites to Online Casino Strategy

Whether it's the original or deluxe version of the Book of Ra pokie game, the chances to win is generally the same as when players play online casino pokie games in general. There are various paylines, the wild card, reels, and so forth. But unfortunately, players can't legitimately manipulate their odds in their favor as with other online pokie games. With all of this said, a strategy must be developed, but it's vital to know the details of playing the game in order to develop a strategy.

Key Factors in Playing Book Of Ra Deluxe online pokie

Just like any online casino pokie, the player can play manually or automatically with the Book of Ra game. Of course, the goal is to get all matching symbols. However, it's really important to try to get the Book of Ra symbol which would amount to an even higher winning amount. This is a wild symbol that amounts to great winnings especially when it's landed among matching symbols. It's also good to know the payouts for different combinations.

Other key factors in playing Book Of Ra Deluxe online pokie:

Best Strategy for the Book of Ra Deluxe Version

• When at least three Book of Ra symbols are landed on the reels, tens free bonus spins are instantly awarded to the player.

• More free spins can also be awarded when triggering the expanded reels feature.

• More bonus spins will be awarded when landing on another Book of Ra symbol while playing free spins. Also, prize doubling would be possible in this instance.

• Like any other online casino pokie, Book Of Ra Deluxe online pokie is a game of chance when it comes to winning; however, players have approximately a 94% rate of return.

After learning the important details of Book Of Ra Deluxe online pokie, players can now learn the best playing strategy to obtain better chances in winning. As mentioned before, Book Of Ra Deluxe online pokie doesn't allow for the player to manipulate in his/her favor. It's mainly about chance. Therefore, with knowing all this and the other viable information mentioned above, the best, and perhaps, only playing strategy for the Book of Ra includes the following techniques:

The Original vs. The Deluxe Version

• Focusing on patience

• Spending ample time in playing to obtain more lucrative symbols

• Stretching the wager

• Hedging the bets

• Not ever wasting bonuses that are built up

As stated before, the original and deluxe versions are similar. However, there are a few added incentives to the Book of Ra Deluxe Version. One thing that the deluxe version has that the original one doesn't have is the free spin feature. With this feature, the player has more advantages to trigger free spins indefinitely.

While with original version, the free spins are more limited. Of course, indefinite free spins are rare, but the player will have better chances to spin more often without being required to bet for a while. When the player obtain enough free spins and have landed on prosperous paylines, the player will have a higher probability to win a serious amount of money that can significantly change the player's life. Another wonderful distinction of the deluxe version is the capability of obtaining a better gaming experience. This version has a more refined audio and slightly improved graphics.

The rate of return is relatively similar for both versions of Book Of Ra Deluxe online pokie which is around 94%. However, the possibility of gaining a better payout is better if the player has a larger budget and more time to play. The player will have a better chance in landing on more lucrative bonuses and rewards when having a lot more money and time to play.

Having said all of this, it's a good idea to learn the pay table to gain the best success possible. This is true regardless if playing manually or automatically. That way, the player will know how he/she is fairing in the payouts. The player will know whether or not he/she has reached the jackpot, whether or not he/she is close to jackpot, etc.

Book Of Ra Deluxe online pokie Conclusion

The Book of Ra Deluxe game is the ultimate play online casino pokie game. With Book Of Ra Deluxe online pokie, players will have a much higher chance in winning especially when equipped with the proper knowledge and tools to win.