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Devil slot online playing tips

To win big with the online Pokie of the classic British slot, Little Devil aka Devil, use these betting and playing tips at your favorite casino online. Novomatic gives you many ways to win with multipliers and bonus rounds

If you miss old-fashioned slot machines with their cartoonish reel symbols and original themes, try Novomatic's Devil. You'll also hear it simply referred to as "Devil". The bonus of playing Little Devil slots is you can do it from anywhere. No need to mount a road trip because you can play it at 24 pokies online casino. Devil offers a five-reel, cartoon devil theme. Although chance decides the outcome of each spin, you can improve your payouts using these playing tips.

Devil online Betting Strategy

Devil slot online offers numerous betting variations. Although Novomatic is best known for ten payline machines, its Devil release offers 20 paylines. Each player chooses the number of active paylines from one to 20. You can alter this spin-to-spin. The amount of bet per line is also the gambler's choice within the range of $0.01 to $25 per payline. The slot allows a max bet of $500 per spin with a maximum payout per spin of $5,000. If you want to make your funds last longer, activate less lines with a smaller bet. This forms the best strategy when learning the slot.

Devil online Playing Strategy

Although it is a popular concept to practice using free play first, it may be tough to play online casinos that offer free play for Little Devil because it is a game originally developed for paid play only. Few online casinos offer free play. The good thing is that you can play it as a penny slot with only one or two lines activated, so it makes it at least a low-cost game to learn. One unusual aspect of Devil is that during a specific moment (in game time), you're offered the opportunity to use the gathered fireballs in a bonus round. Most slots don't carry over from one game aspect to another, but Devil does. This forces the player to be more game aware, rather than just spinning reel after reel.

Devil online Know the Signs

Enhance your game awareness and your ultimate payout by learning the game's symbols. There's more to Little Devil than most slots. It features multipliers, scatters, wild cards, and a game-themed bonus round.

* The Devil himself: The devil symbol acts as the scatter in this slot. The slot randomly generates the scatter reward. It can award up to 100 times the payout of the spin and may add free spins with a three-times payout multiplier. The scatter symbol activates its rewards regardless of reel or line position. If you spin three, four, or five scatters within a single spin, it activates a payout multiplier of two, ten or 100 times, respectively.

* Ilk capture: The ilk capture symbol acts as the wild symbol in Little Devil. It can substitute for any other symbol to extend a winning combination of two or more symbols in a payline. It also carries a two-times multiplier, so any payout from its use gets doubled.

* Fireball: The fireball doesn't refer to the whiskey, but a bonus symbol used in a game within the game. From the moment you spin your first reels, a timer begins in Little Devil, counting down from the ominous time 6:66. During these seven minutes and six seconds of play, you collect as many fireballs as possible. This encourages quick play and many spins because the bonus round occurs when the timer runs out and the more fireballs you have collected, the more play opportunities you have in the bonus Fireball game.

Devil online Bonus Game Strategy

Your standard play strategy works great in the bonus extra spins, but the Fireball bonus game differs. If you're accustomed to Novomatic's well-known Red or Black card game, you'll need to prepare for a vastly different game. The Devil slot machine became popular in British bricks-and-mortar gaming salons and this online version pays strick homage to the original. Its bonus game mirrors a pinball machine. Rather than provide the gambler with three pinballs as in a standard pinball game, Fireball allows the player to use every fireball collected during the main round of spin play. Once launched, the fireball rolls around the play table, finally landing in a pocket at the bottom. The landing pocket determines the multiplier assigned to the payout of the spin that trigger the Fireball round.

Little Devil gives those who have gamed in Great Britain a walk down memory lane, and an original and entertaining gaming experience to those new to it. Although it keeps the maximum bets low, its two bonus rounds and numerous multipliers offer many ways to win. Use these game tips to enhance your game awareness and increase your wins by knowing the ins and outs of Devil.