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Dolphins Pearl Online pokie Playing Tips

Dolphin’s Pearl is a pokie machine developed by Novomatic as part of its Novoline series. You can play at an online casino or in a number of brick-and-mortar casinos and pubs around the world. The game features five reels, nine pay lines, a 9,000-coin line jackpot and a number of features. For those interested in trying it, let’s look at 10 tips that can make that experience more enjoyable and perhaps even more rewarding.

Tip #1: Dolphins Pearl Online pokie Play for Free

As with most Novoline slots, you can play Dolphin’s Pearl without using real money. It features an arcade mode that doesn’t cost a thing. You can also play as often and as much as you like. You don’t even have to go to an online casino since it’s available at many other gaming websites online. You’ll start with 1,000 credits, and you goal is to see how many credits you can earn in a single session. If you lose it all, don’t worry. Just start the game over, and it’ll give you 1,000 more demo credits.

Tip #2: Dolphins Pearl Online pokie Paytable Updates in Real-Time

Clicking the Paytable button will bring you to a paytable that shows all of the symbols that can appear on this machine as well as how much those symbols are worth. Better yet, when you make changes, such as the number of bet lines or the bet level, this screen will update in real-time. That lets you know exactly how much you can win based on your particular settings for the machine.

Tip #3:Dolphins Pearl Online pokie Choose the 9-Line Option

Dolphin’s Pearl lets you activate just one line, all nine or some count in between. Some versions of the games give you plus and minus buttons to adjust that number. Others offer a series of buttons that ends in 9 Line. Always choose all nine lines. No matter your coin size, that configuration gives you the greatest chance to win.

Tip #4: Dolphins Pearl Online pokie Bet Level Ups Payouts

By default, the machine is set to one coin per line. That means that if you wager a cent and have all nine lines active, your bet will be $0.09. However, you can increase the number of coins per line, which will increase your total bet. So, what’s the point of more coins per line? Well, the number of coins per line directly increase the payout for all combinations. Increase the coin count, and then check the paytable!

Tip #5: Dolphins Pearl Online pokie How to Select a Coin Value

Figure nine lines, and then, determine how many coins per line. More coins per line means you go through your bankroll faster. That’s an advantage or a disadvantage depending on how long you want to play. Determine your max bet per spin, and then, divide it by lines times coins per line. This give you a ballpark figure for which coin size you should use.

Tip #6: Dolphins Pearl Online pokie Wager Up to 12 Coins Per Spin

Remember we discussed bet level before? The default bet level is one coin, but you can increase it as high as 12 coins. Adjust that number, and look at what it does to all of the combo payouts.

Tip #7: Dolphins Pearl Online pokie Automatic Start for a Hands-Free Experience

The Automatic Start button, which may be labeled Auto-Spin on some instances, continues to spin the machine without you having to click the button. Set your bet, and then kick back and relax. Don’t worry. You can always pause the auto-spin feature when you hit a win.

Tip #8: Dolphins Pearl Online pokie Don’t Gamble Your Winnings

When you play at an online casino, you’ll sometimes get the option to gamble your winnings. This is a double-or-nothing bet usually played out at 50-50 odds. If your only interest is the biggest wins possible, then go for it. However, it does diminish the overall odds for the game and should usually be avoided.

Tip #9: Dolphins Pearl Online pokie Scatter Gives You Coins

The scatter not the jackpot is actually the most valuable symbol on the board because it rewards you twice. This is one reason we want to maximize the line count. The first way it rewards you is by giving you coins whenever it hits twice or more, and it can reward up to 100,000 coins at the max bet.

Tip #10: Dolphins Pearl Online pokie Scatter Gives You Free Games Too

The second way it rewards you is with free games. You get 15 free games whenever you hit three or more scatters anywhere on the reels. Free games cost you nothing but are played at the value of the last paid spin all the way up to the max bet. Free spins also have a 3x multiplier in play, which means all wins from free games, including the jackpot, are tripled!