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Dolphins Pearl playing Online Pokie strategy

To win big with the popular Dolphins Pearl Online Pokie machine, you need to develop a clear betting and play strategy. Build a sound strategy with these winning tips.Whether you miss the action of your favorite bricks and mortar casino or you just want to play online casino from home to hone your skills, a pokie online casino provides gambling action from your favorite armchair. If you enjoy playing Online Pokie machines, Dolphins Pearl Online Pokie offers a five-reel, fun undersea theme with a multitude of winning opportunities. While the outcome of each spin remains up to the Online Pokie gods, you can follow a playing strategy that helps make your capital last longer and your winnings increase.

Dolphins Pearl Betting Strategy

Dolphins Pearl Online Pokie offers a number of betting variations. Its manufacturer, Novomatic, released two versions, one with nine paylines, one with ten paylines. Both versions are currently available online, so if you play at many online casinos you could see both versions. The player chooses the number of paylines they want to play, the amount of bet per line and the coin value. As with other Online Pokie machines, the more paylines you activate, the greater the potential payout. This also requires you to wager more though. You'll need to determine the optimum balance between bet and number of paylines for the capital you have to wager.

Playing Strategy of Dolphins Pearl Online Pokie

For learning Dolphins Pearl Online Pokie, play online casinos that offer free play first. This lets you hone your technique without spending money. Sometimes you'll experience better luck playing for free, but it provides an ideal training scheme since you can experiment with different payline and bet combinations. It also provides a key method for developing a winning knack for the bonus games the Online Pokie provides.

Dolphins Pearl Online Pokie Know the Signs

Although the Online Pokies let you know when you win a line or spin a scatter symbol - in this game, a pearl - it makes sense to learn the key symbols and their meaning. Why? This increases your game awareness and helps you form your betting strategy. For instance, spinning three mussel pearls activates one of the bonus games. The bonus consists of fifteen free spins with a payout multiplier of three. Spinning this bonus just once makes it worth adding one or two payout lines. Other important symbols in this game include the dolphin symbol - the wild card. It can combine with any other matching symbols in a line to create a payout line. The Online Pokie machine provides a symbol guide and a payout guide, accessible via a link at the bottom right of the screen.

Dolphins Pearl Online Pokie Bonus Game Strategy

The extra spins bonus with multiplier requires the same strategy as regular spins. The other bonus game differs though. For each winning spin, you're offered a bonus round which is a card game. It opens in its own window.

The card game requires you to choose whether the single card drawn by the dealer will be red or black. This means you have a 50/50 chance of winning. If you choose correctly, your winnings double. The wrinkle in the works is that if you guess wrong, you lose your entire prize fund. Each correct guess also nets you another round of the card game. You don't leave the bonus round until you guess wrong.

Dolphins Pearl Online Pokie two important things

There are two important things to remember in regards to a winning strategy for the bonus red or black card game.

1. You don't have to accept the bonus round. Because you can decline it, you can safely protect your existing winnings.

2. The last six cards played from the deck show on the dealer's table. Using the color information of the face up cards, you can calculate whether the remaining deck contains more red or black cards. This improves your betting probability. You can build on this information round by round because when you win, you add a card to the used deck. For example, if you win four rounds in a row, you've eliminated the six that showed when you began and the four with which you won rounds. Since the game uses a single deck, you have now eliminated ten of the 52 cards possible.

Dolphins Pearl Online Pokie provides a fun themed Online Pokie machine with many ways to win. Devising a winning strategy that performs consistently means learning the game's symbols, the payout lines, determining your betting strategy game-to-game, and learning how to effectively play the red or black bonus card game. You can win or lose big with this Online Pokie machine, but the right strategy can keep you in the winner's category.