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Guns and Roses online playing strategy

NetEnt released in 2016 a branded online slot machine based on the classic rock group Guns N' Roses. The members of the band and their hit songs make a bold appearances on this feature packed slot. Whether you are a fan of online casinos or fans of this popular band you will have a blast trying to win it big. If you are looking for some information about it and a little strategy to help you win the most, you have come to the right place. Here is some general information about how the slot works and some strategy to help you maximize your winnings.

Guns and Roses General Overview

The Guns N Roses slot was released on the 21st of January in 2016. Since, it has been a popular online casino game for players all over. It has a cartoony look appropriate for all ages, you can pick which songs are playing while you spin, and it is easy to understand and play. It has a lot of animations and a lot of movement on the screen to keep your eyes entertained. 30 second song clips will have you busting out your old tape collection to hear the rest. The band has put their logo, style, and sound all over this game.

Guns and Roses online slot Special Features

So many features are included in this slot. Two main bonus features include a normal free spin feature and a bonus game which may have free spins or coins included as well. During the main game there is a solo bonus randomly thrown in that can multiply a single line win up to ten times. The appetite for destruction wild bonus can randomly drop in to help you win. Three legend spins randomly award up to two wilds. With so many special features thrown in it is possible to hit it big if you bet right.

Guns and Roses online slot Wilds

There are five reels that spin when you make a bet. You can stack up your wilds to give yourself better odds on your higher bets. You are not limited to using the wilds on the middle three reels like some other slot games. These wilds can be used greatly to your advantage and can help you win a fortune while you would have lost it all without it. They certainly come in handy.

Guns and Roses online slot Legend Spins Feature

When the Legend Spins feature randomly activates, make sure to up your bets a bit. The first spin will have three wilds in the center reels giving you an enormous advantage. If you get a second spin, the outside two reels are wilds. A third spin gives you a wild on the second and fourth reel. That improves your odds considerably for that time and you should take the risk and bet higher to win big. If you have been betting a dollar for awhile and nothing has happened, throw a couple ten or 20 dollar bets in hopes of capitalizing on this feature.

How to Get a Free Spin online slot or Bonus Game

To get a free spin on this slot you need to spin a bonus symbol into every reel except the fourth. If you have a bonus land on the first and third reel, the fifth reel will start to spin faster. If this happens it is a good strategy to click to stop the reel immediately. If you succeed in spinning the bonus, one of two things will happen. You will simply get a free spin or you will take part in a bonus game where you can earn coins.

Good online Casino Strategy for Guns N' Roses Slot

A good online casino strategy is to change your bets constantly. The Guns N' Roses slot has many features that can be activated randomly that you can benefit from. You will obviously benefit more if your bet is higher. Do not be afraid to step out there every once in awhile in order to win big. The higher the risk is the higher the return will be. The higher the loss could possibly be as well.

Chances are that you are headed on over to an online casino pokie to try out a playing strategy. While you are there you can enjoy the sounds of Axle Rose and Slash play their hits as you play their slot machine. Whether or not you play online casino often, make sure you check out the Guns N' Roses slot machine. Take some of my advice and win big.