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Guns and Roses online playing tips

Guns N’ Roses™ Online Pokies Tips

Online casino enthusiasts who also have an appetite for rock & roll music, can rock their slots with the newest NetEnt™ opportunity featuring the musical power of Guns N' Roses™. Highlighted by five of the legendary hard-driving band's blockbuster singles, this online slot machine blends an appetite for winning with an 'Appetite for Destruction'. Here are () tips to maximize quench that hunger for winning while jamming out to some excellent tunes.

Guns and Roses The Layout

The layout for the Guns N' Roses™ slot game is a 5-reel spinner with 20 video slot elements on screen. A series of matching musical icons will signify wild card winners, plus free game tokens. Although the band put out six number one single hits to match six number one albums, the online slot game bearing the Guns N' Roses™ only uses five of their all-time classics.

However, you can select from, Welcome to the Jungle, Paradise City, Sweet Child O' Mine, November Rain and Chinese Democracy. The sound quality is tremendous, matching the high quality feature graphics. You're going to know when you spin a winner as the audience will leap into a frenzy.

Guns and Roses Jackpot

While Guns N' Roses™ has sold over a million records, players should not necessarily expect to become a millionaire from playing the online slot game named after the rock band. However, using a graduated play scale the top jackpot is set at £150,000, or $181,500 U.S. currency. Each time you hit a winning combination you'll be 'Welcomed to the Jungle' and every spin will induce the electrifying atmosphere of a live crowd.

A Wild Appetite for Destruction

Taking a page from the namesake album Appetite for Destruction, wild cards will flash, accompanied by a raucous roar from the audience. There are two wildcard pairs, Expanding Wilds, and the Appetite for Destruction Wild. There are also Wild substitutions that add some flexibility to your chances of winning. Set yourself in line for these wildcard spins because they begin to boost you to a subsequent bonus level

Guns and Roses Bonus Appeal

Bonuses are where you're going to really rock the house playing Guns N' Roses™ online slots. There are a series of bonuses to play for and how you advance to build your winnings depends on how you play out each of these bonuses.

1. The Solo Multiplier bonus gives you the opportunity to multiply your bonus amounts from 4 times as much all the way up to 10 times. Using the Solo Multiplier, you should make a quick note of how many of these appear.

Once you hit a certain threshold for that play period, their likelihood diminishes. While the other series of bonuses can be encouraging, once you exhaust a play round's set of Solo's see what you have left before continuing that round.

2. Next up are the Legend Spins, which give you added free spins, plus expand your wild options. Legends do not seem to be limited to a certain number per round, so use them as they appear.

The free spins are a great way to build from one round to the next without using any funds, plus anytime you can expand the wild options, you'll be increasing your chance of larger payout.

3. Following up the first bonus opportunities will be the Appetite for Destruction Wild. This appealing bonus can be exchanged for any symbol on the wheel. You'll hear the telltale musical interlude, and then see 4 skulls graphically blended into the Guns N' Roses™ logo behind a cross.

4. Playing off the three previous bonus options you can jump to Encore Free Spins. You should pay extra close attention for this bonus because it is twofold. The first one is a series of 10 free spins and the other is a stacked collection of all the wilds. Super bonus to earn free plays and multiply your winnings.

5. When the fifth in the set of six bonuses pops up, you need to have understood what the other tiers offered. Earning the Bonus Wheel happens anytime you spin a series of 3 wheel symbols. You have a choice when you get a Bonus Wheel. Pick another Encore Bonus Spin, opt for a regular coin payout, or grab the ultimate bonus – the Crowd Pleaser.

6. When you spin off the last of the six Guns N' Roses™ online slot bonuses, you are guaranteed a winner. The Crowd Pleaser bonus lets you click on band material and song preferences to win cash. This is another bonus that you will most likely not see multiple times during a sitting, so it is a good signal to absorb your winnings and return to play at a later time.

This new version of an online casino is a rock & roller's delight, especially if you are a huge Guns N' Roses™ fan. If you want to play an online casino with a lot of flare and a 97% rate of player payout, grab your stonewashed jeans and wrap your head in a classic Axel Rose bandanna, and rock out to the newest GNR slot experience.