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Koi Princess online playing tips

Koi Princess A Wonderfully Designed Online Casino Game

Koi Princess is an game that is known as being an anime-themed slot machine game that is engineered and designed by the genius producers of NetEnt. Not only does the game play and look great, but it's also one that offers the player a load of awesome payouts and prizes.

With 20 paylines to interact and play with, one can essentially pick up some stable and steady wins from inside of the main game, but really, it is the game's bonus features that ends up convincing players from around the world to go back to the character of Koi Princess for more.

Koi Princess Orient Express

The simple and basic building blocks of Koi Princess's success are the symbols of playing cars. These end up paying out at variable rates on ascending scales; for example, Ten ends up paying 5 coins, twenty coins end up paying one hundred coins for spinning the numbers from three to five respectively. On the other hand, The Jack, earns five coins for getting a match of three on reels that are adjacent, 25 coins for four spins, and one hundred and ten coins for a line of five. The "big three" are the King, the Queen, and the Ace in the pack.

They end up paying: five coins for three, thirty for four, 120 for five with the queen. ten coins for three, forty for four, one hundred and forty for five with the King. Ten coins for three, fifty for four, and one hundred and sixty for five with the Ace. The next set of the main game symbols are the different Japanese artifacts. The gold coins pay twenty, seventy-five, and two hundred coins for spinning three, four, or five. The two idols are great rewarders as the Green Idol earns twenty coins for three, one hundred coins for four and two hundred and fifty coins for five, whereas, the Orange Idol pays thirty, 150 and 300 coins in respective order.

If you are unsure about how you can play the casino game, then please do not hesitate to see what the website of Koi Princess offers as they provide a player with an opportunity of getting absolutely delved into it. There are a vast array of different online casino games, however, not too many offer the type of features this one has, particular in the sense that it includes anime as a part of its theme, which is quite popular among many people in today's generations.

Koi Princess A Slot Machine Game That Will Provide You With Entertainment

There are a myriad of reasons why people choose to play online casino games as there are different opportunities of benefits to be had. Oftentimes, people will go to actual casinos and find out that they are totally unprepared to play the games that are available in them. What ends up occurring often is they lose money and cannot fathom the fact that they went in totally unprepared.

By playing casino games online, one can have assurance of knowing that they have gotten a "feel" for the game. A slot game is something that will keep someone continuing to strive towards beating challenges and obstacles that come their way. If you are not quite sure about whether you are going to understand how to play this game or not, then you will find detailed instructions on the game page. The different characters each have their own roles in the game and have contributory effect in each of their roles.

This game is a testament to the fact that Japanese are totally in love with their video games, anime series, technology, and manga comics. Japan has been dominant in the industry of video games since the 1980's and there has been a tremendous amount of passion for Manga, Anima, video games with a combination of developed video slot games that are referred to as Koi Princess. Due to Japan being the largest market of video games on a mobile platform, NetEnt brings the "Far East" to you with the game of Joi The symbols are Manga style and Japanese Anime graphics like a variety of dragons, Koi Princess, Blue ribbon wrapped coins, Wild symbol, playing card, and a red dragon and orange bonus symbol. The Koi Princess cheers you along the wins at the screen's side as she will be standing in the midst of a colorful Zen garden with a Koi Pond and waterfall. You will find that playing this online casino game is actually quite a thrilling experience.