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Lotto Madness online Casino playing tips

The Craze Called Lotto Madness Finding a sound strategy for your favorite best online casino brand is often a challenge.

This is true even for your favorite games or the ones you’re just too good at. It doesn’t have to be a great divide in success when you play. We’re helping you to take a good look.

See here how to improve the odds in online slots machines.

You can uncover our secrets and go home with a bit more cash this time.

You, your bank will be happier

But we won’t pretend that what you’re getting you into is anything more than gambling. We love the thrill also, but we urge you to be responsible in the process. The world, when you play online casino, is more fun. The one thing we know is that slots provide the most enjoyment for online casino players.

And this brings us to your potential within our online casino world.

Strategy And A World Apart

To boost your online gaming skills, we start with Lotto Madness and its popular identity as “that odd-ball” slot machine worth playing.

Lotto Madness often throws players off though. The interface doesn’t strike them. That’s the impression at first glance however. Don’t be misled. Look beyond the lottery icons.

Most players rather not think of a scratch off at the slots. Slot games published online are about reels, columns, bonuses and wild symbols we can all fall in love with. Yet, each game's appeal is often part of a larger strategy to distract you.

Let’s get pass this “dull” initial impression and strategize now.

Where Your Cash Flow Starts

Lotto Madness is 20-line digital slot machine that uses five reels to boot. Winning in Lotto Madness consist of matching symbols in the center row, enabling the Dollar Ball jackpot, following through on bonus games and getting matched for the Lotto Ball symbol.

Money slowly piles up in this game structure, so you’re in for a treat.

The Dollar Ball image is a progressive Jackpot icon. That means that for every time you don’t hit it, the value of it increases. This often results in ridiculous jackpot numbers. And of course, online casino players are reaching large payouts with it.

But you have to choose the Dollar Ball play and thereby enable the jackpot spin. You’ll see the Dollar Ball symbol as a prompt showing that the option is active. Once you see it. The jackpot game is set.

You then begin playing the common sequence for Lotto Madness.

And Now For One More Step

Each new game starts with choosing five numbers, and they appear before each round. The computer program chooses these numbers if you don’t.

The numbers selected then appear during each spin and one-by-one. When numbers on the reels match a number you chose, there’s a bonus given. Having all the numbers you choose match those during your gameplay awards you a jackpot.

Just be aware. This option only activates when you’re playing online casino with real money.

The “Wild-Card Lottery” And A Chance To Win Big!

Lotto Madness uses a the “Lottery Ticket” as its Wild option.

Most reel games use the Wild as a way for players to leverage more probability. This happens because the Wild can be any symbol on the reel. Consecutive symbols have to match of course, and the Wild will duplicate the icons that align.

The Wild then pays out your bonuses.

The Wild’s bonus and jackpot odds are also increased. It’s a better long-term strategy than is relying on standard reels. Players get a coin payout of 10,000 max when the Wild appears five in a row.

The Unexpected Bonus Round. More Cash And New Symbols.

Be sure to look closely to what’s appearing in each row and column. The Lotto Madness algorithm tends to show patterns. You may not be able to predict them, but you can catch when they’re showing up. The Wild gives out a bonus round when it’s represented on the one and five reels.

But don’t get thrown off. The Wild changes during this bonus payout and instead becomes a dollar sign. And a very big one in fact. It takes place of your scatter symbol. The basic rules then apply, and you’re paid based on combinations matching throughout the reels.

You get a payout that’s multiplied by the Dollar Sign which is used as the game’s Wild option. Your payout then is a multiple of your total bet. That sum is added to your active game play. Getting a sequence of three, however, is the only way for you to leave the bonus round with that payout.

You now have all you need for beating the online casino slots at their own game.