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Lotto Madness online pokie machine Playing Strategy

Lotto Madness online pokie machine is an online casino pokie game created by Playtech. It has 20 paylines and its minimum bet is €0.20 while the maximum bet is €200. It offers several free spins. It has its wild symbol as the normal wild card symbol while its scatter symbol is the Dollar symbol. Its progressive jackpot is an extra dollar ball game.

Every online casino pokie comes with its own Casino tips, tricks and strategies and Lotto Madness online pokie machine is not an exception. People who play online casino are already aware that there are several general tips to win and there are other specific casino tips for specific online casinos. Lotto Madness online pokie machine has its playing strategy too.

Lotto Madness online Spread your bet wisely

Before you play Lotto Madness online pokie machine, it is advisable to make up your mind on the total amount you intend to bet with. Then, you spread it into multiple spins. For instance, if your total amount is $20, instead of wagering $10 twice, it makes more sense to spread it into $1 and play twenty times. That way, your loss rate is reduced and you have more chances of winning. The more times you play the higher your chances of winning.

Lotto Madness online Don’t chase losses

You should have a loss limit in place. The loss limit can only be applied with strong discipline. Once your losses hit the limit, just back out except if you have free spins. Don’t chase losses. The more you play hard to recover what you have lost, the more money you will lose. If you begin to chase losses you may not be able to adopt your stop loss limit.

Lotto Madness online Winning is by sheer luck

You need to bear in mind that winning is by luck. And it comes when you least expect it. The more you expect to win the less your chances of winning. So, you should just go with the hope of enjoying the game and winning could follow

Lotto Madness online Seek Progressive Jackpots

The chances of winning a progressive jackpot are very slim but when you do, your life will never remain the same again as the amount is always staggering. Winning just one jackpot will definitely change your life for good. So, you should always strive for it.

Lotto Madness online Know the best odds of winning

You can only increase your chances of winning if you understand the odds of Lotto Madness online pokie machine. This is why you should take the time to understand the best odds before jumping right in.

Lotto Madness online Take advantage of promos and bonuses

Lotto Madness online pokie machine has a lot of free spins and other bonuses. It is highly advantageous to look at all the bonuses and check out their requirements. Try as much as possible to win as many bonuses as possible. There have been cases where players have exhausted their money, but were lucky enough to earn a couple of free spins with which they eventually won big.

Take advantage of high roller privileges

Any day you intend to spend more than usual on the game, it is better to take advantage of big spenders’ bonuses. Lotto Madness online pokie machine has several high roller benefits that are not available to small players. Some of them are more bonuses and more free spins.

Take a break when necessary

Although playing an online casino can be fun but it will get to a point when your concentration will begin to drift. When you get to that point, it is better to take a break to do other things. You will be refreshed when you come back and your concentration would have increased.

Lotto Madness online Take advantage of scatter symbols

Lotto Madness online pokie machine offers scatter symbols that can significantly increase your winnings. Although the chances are not so high, but if you hit three scatters, your bet will be multiplied five times. If you hit four scatters, your bet will be multiplied ten times and if you are lucky enough to have all the five scatters, your bet will be multiplied by a staggering fifty times! It is the offer of these scatter symbols that makes Lotto Madness online pokie machine better than so many online casino games. Needless to say a lot players have struck some of these scatters and their lives changed for good.

Take bonus games more seriously

In Lotto Madness online pokie machine, playing a bonus game can earn you another bonus game. For instance, you can earn a couple of free spins while playing a bonus game. And the free spins will be added to the ones you already have on ground.

Lotto Madness online Opt for a smaller coin value

If you are on a small bankroll, you should opt for a smaller coin value but you will have to spread it all over the twenty paylines. This will definitely boost your chances of earning more bonus games.

In conclusion, you have to respect the fact that every strategy is based on chances as no method has one hundred percent possibility of making you a winner. The result of every game has been randomized.