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Magic Owl Online Casino Strategy

Do you like playing online casino pokie? Do you like to find out the best playing strategy for these games? Then you've come to the right place! This article is about an online casino game called Magic Owl. It's free and it's extremely fun and addicting to play!

This game is made by a company named Amatic. When you first go to the website with this game, you will see a picture that is a white owl with a golden necklace and a woman in a red cloak brown hair. She also has a black necklace around her neck and a black jewelry headband. The words MAGIC OWL is at the bottom of the picture in a golden orange color.

The Magic Owl online Slot offer not only 5 reels but if also offers 50 pay lines. In order to get to the bonus level, you have to get 3 scatter symbols. You can also get free spins!

When the game starts, you want to go ahead and start. Make sure your betting every line. Your bet will start at 500. On my first spin, I didn't win anything at all. On my second spin I won 300, so it was only a loss of 200. When you win it makes a ca-ching sound and it plays music. Before spinning again, you have to push collect. One of the spins I did, I got a lot of owls and women so I ended up winning 13,250. You do have the option to gamble that. I went ahead and tried it and I didn't win. When you gamble, it pops up a page where you pick either red or black and if you pick the correct color of the card then you win QUADRUPLE the amount you gsmbled. If you do not then you lose the amount.

In order to get to the bonus round, you have to get 3 of the scatter symbols. These symbols are little crystal balls. Once you get them you get bonus spins where you get to keep the winnings but you don't have to use any of your balance while it's spinning.

There are many ways to win. Some of the winning combinations are as follows:



• 5 will get you 250 points

• 4 will get you 100 points

• 3 will get you 25 points


• 5 will get you 100 points

• 4 will get you 30 points

• 3 will get you 15 points

Woman AKA Wild

• 5 will get you 75 points

• 4 will get you 20 points

• 3 will get you 10 points


• 5 will get you 500 points

• 4 will get you 200 points

• 3 will get you 50 points


• 5 will get you 150 points

• 4 will get you 50 points

• 3 will get you 20 points


• 5 will get you 100 points

• 4 will get you 30 points

• 2 will get you 15 points

• 5 will get you 50 points

• 4 will get you 10 points

• 3 will get you 5 points

Obviously, the ones that you will be hoping for is the wilds. Not only do the payout the highest but mixed with others, such as the owls, can net you some big wins. You can also have bigger wins if you bet a higher amount per line. When I played I just bet the lowest amount and won over 13,000 so imagine if I had bet higher. My win would have been huge. Even though I didn't win a few times, when I did my lowest was 200 so it wasn't a huge loss. By the time I got done playing, my win was well over 250,000. If only that could be converted into real money! I would've been set! It's a game that is really fun to play and you get enough wins that you can keep playing without having to find a way to get more credits!

So if you like to play online casino games and you're interested in this particular game, then give it a shot! There is definitely a chance to win a lot. It's a very fun game and I recommend!