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Secret Of The Stones Best Playing Strategy

The beautiful thing about playing Secret Of The Stones online pokie is you don't need special skill or much strategy. That shouldn't mean you should jump in without some knowledge of the Secret of the Stones online pokie. Let's research on the best playing strategies together.

Statistically, there is no formula for winning at pokies. There are, however, playing strategies that will help you always to win when play online casino . Most of these principals are pretty basic.

Secret Of The Stones online pokie Check payout percentage

The basic thing to do before you start playing casino pokies is to look at the payout percentage. The bigger the percentage, the better it is for the player. Pokies mostly show the ‘Return To Player' proportion in the Secret of the Stones online pokie in their Secret of the Stones online pokie rules. You should also choose an online casino that offers an impressive selection of pokies

Secret Of The Stones online pokie Maximum pay-lines

When playing on an online pokie like Secret Of The Stones, often the maximum pay line triggers the biggest jackpot. Therefore, it's much better to activate all the pay-lines, even if it means dropping down a lower-tier machine, or even a lower coin denominator machine. Gaming with bigger denominations pays out a much better percentage, but it's negligible compared to the risk involved unless you can afford the gamble.

Maxing the pay-lines may not the best bargain when betting out of your comfort zone for better odds. You should always stay in your comfort zone when you play online casino pokie. The house always has an edge, no matter the level at which you choose to play, so you should always play as if you're going to lose.

Secret Of The Stones online pokie Slow down the spin rate

One of the enormous problems that a lot of pokies players have is that they play as if they have the upper hand over the casino. They spin as fast as they possibly can, thinking it will make them more money. You should treat your gaming sessions like an underdog in a soccer match, once you score, try to win 1-0 by playing defensively. You achieve that by milking the clock, draw out the Secret of the Stones online pokie as much as possible, and risk as little as possible.

A lot of gambling experts' advice players to set a goal, once you have hit that threshold, you are supposed to stop playing. The advice makes perfect sense. The issue with this strategy is that it's like saying, "Just give up gambling." For that day at least, because that's what you're doing. That is a bit hard; the next best thing is to slow down the rate of play. The worst move you can make is to set up the auto-play feature on the pokie machine. It speeds up your Secret of the Stones online pokie and exposes you to the house edge at a very high rate. Hitting the button over and over might be tedious but, a lot of times, it saves you money.

Secret Of The Stones online pokie - Bet maximum coins

When playing poker, you always hope to hit that jackpot. In most cases, for you to activate the jackpot, online casinos require you to bet maximum coins. For instance, if you're playing on a machine that pays 1000x for two coins, 2000x for three, and 3000x for four coins, the jackpot escalates if you bet the biggest amount of coins. Your payout percentage is huge, compared to other bets on the machine, if you bet maximum coins. The best strategy, in this case, is to make the highest wager of coins.

The virtual poker machines have a very wide range of coin denominations; it's always better to bet on a lower denomination and max the coins. The rule isn't always valid; you should do the math in your head to see if it makes sense. If you hate calculating, just assume it makes sense, because it usually does.

If maxing the coins is way out of your comfort zone, then you don't have to do it. You can still win a lot of money without hitting the jackpot.

Secret Of The Stones online pokie Combat the house advantage

You must always manage your bankroll and slow down the rate of play. Hurrying through the poker machine spin cycles heightens your gambling losses. The online casino always has a huge edge over the online casino pokie. The edge ranges from 3 percent all the way up to 15 percent of what you bet. If you wager $100, potential losses range from $3 to $15, depending on the machine and the location you're playing. When in this situation, it's best that you savor your betting, lower the number of spins while staying on the pokies row for your usual amount of time.

Secret Of The Stones online pokie - Play with a clear mind

You should not be feeling down, high on alcohol, or prescription medication. Having a clear mind allows you the ability and confidence to know when to walk away while you're ahead, or when to cut your losses.