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Sizzling Hot Online Pokie best playing strategy

Sizzling Hot online pokie lives up to its name as a hugely popular online casino pokie created by Novomatic. Novomatic is one of the most recognized Pokies machine brands. Novomatic is a prolific developer that’s given us some of the most iconic video slot games on the market. The brand usually puts great focus on innovation, but Sizzling Hot online pokie is a shout out to an earlier time. This is very much a classic fruit machine, but it has some modern aspects as well, such as a fourth and fifth spinning reel. For pokie fans who love this game and people who’ll be enjoying it for the first time, let’s consider optimal playing strategy.

Sizzling Hot Online Pokie Play in Arcade Mode

Sizzling Hot is an online casino pokie that you can play at 24 pokies online casino as well as a number of other gaming-oriented sites across the Web. As with most games in the Novoline series, it has a demo mode. That means that you can experience and learn the game without risking anything at all.

Sizzling Hot Offers a Greater than 95-Percent RTP

Novomatic has made a name for itself not just with innovation and fun games but with high RTP values. RTP stands for return to player, and this game’s 95.66-percent RTP rate means that out of every dollar this machines takes in, $0.9566 goes back to the players. Use this value to compare it to other games.

Sizzling Hot Online Pokie Combos Up to Five Across

Winning combinations have to start at a leftmost position and extend at least three positions. Unlike a classic fruit machine, these combos can extend up to five positions. The fourth and fifth symbol cause the combos to pay out more. If a line has multiple combos, only the most lucrative pays out. However, you can hit a winning combo on all active bet lines up to nine.

Take Advantage of Welcome Bonuses and Other Promotions

Like with a brick-and-mortar casino, a benefit when you play at an online casino is the perks. In this case, the perks are welcome bonuses, reload bonuses, loyalty bonuses and so forth. Think about these bonuses this way: they’re extra Sizzling Hot online pokie spins that you don’t have to pay for. Having more chances to win without having to pay for them is essentially shifting the odds in your favor.

Sizzling Hot Online Pokie Activate All Lines Available

Sizzling Hot online pokie has 9 pay lines. You can activate all nine, just one or some number in between. Remember, increasing line count increases your bet. A one-cent bet with nine lines active, for instance, costs $0.09. Despite this increased cost, you should always seek to have all nine of those lines active, and the reason for that is that the machine offers its best odds when all nine lives are live.

Choose Your Coin Based on Those Nine Lines

Once you’re comfortable with the idea of all nine lines active, you can base your playing strategy around that number. Determine how much you have to spend, your bankroll. Then, determine how long that bankroll should last. If you want to play at least 50 spins and have $50 available, then you have a $1 per spin limit. Since you know you want all nine lines active, you want to limit your coin size to between 10 and 11 cents. Note that available coin values will vary from one online casino to the next.

Sizzling Hot Online Pokie No Wild but a Scatter

Sizzling Hot online pokie doesn’t have a wild symbol since those weren’t common to fruit machines, but it does have a scatter, which were. The scatter is represented by a gold star, and the scatter pays out whenever the star appears three, four and five times anywhere on the board. Even if one or more scatter symbols are on a line with a winning combo, you can win both. The scatter can pay out 10, 50 and 250 coins and means that you can actually win 10 times on a single spin.

Skip the Gamble Option

When you play Sizzling Hot online pokie, the house may offer you the option to gamble on your winnings. Not all instances of Sizzling Hot will have this option, but when it is offered, it will usually be a 50-50 bet. A 50-percent chance to win is much less than the standard odds the machine offers with all nine lines active. That means using it is actually lowering your total odds over the long-term.

Playing Sizzling Hot online to Win

There’s no such thing as a strategy that beats the system. Instead, play smart. Set your budget ahead of time, and stick to it. Never throw good money after bad. With this approach, you can enjoy Sizzling Hot online pokie and give yourself the best chance to win without risking any more than you can afford.