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Wolverine: Your New Favorite online pokie Game

Wolverine online pokie is for those gamers who enjoy a classic five reel experience with lots of jackpots and endless fun. Gamers get a 25 line pokie machine game that generates wins by getting the correct combination of symbols. Wolverine's interface possesses 25 lines that give players the chance not only to win but also gain free spins during the fun!

For those new to pokies games, this experience is similar to that of actually being in a real live casino. Not only do the reels simulate this experience, the interface is made to keep players engaged and motivated to keep playing. The object of Wolverine is to win. Plain and simple. Wolverine online pokie requires you match a certain sequence of symbols of match all the same symbols in a row to get points. Depending upon the sequence, points could be astronomically high. Wolverine's sleek interface and brightly colored Wolverine theme inspired by X-men means that fans of the movie may find Wolverine online pokie on their favorite online casino game list.

Getting the most out of Wolverine online casino pokie

Getting the most out of Wolverine online casino pokie means allocating line bets and taking advantage of the plus and minus keys to manipulate the bet value. Total bets of the line are multiplied by active pay line numbers. In Wolverine, this will always be 25. After players click spin, the fun begins and the reels start to spin. There is also an option for users to put the game on auto play. This will allow players to choose how many spins are available and may even boost likelihood of jackpots, according to some reviewers who play online casino games.

Wolverine online casino pokie how can i win ?

Wolverine online casino pokie gives players several options for wins. These wins include scatter wins, calculated through values inside of the pay table. Found through the info tab, the pay table is also a hub for other play options and modes. Wolverine online pokie also includes wilds. When players come across wild cards, they can be assured the chances of winning are greater than ever before! The bonus feature includes wilds that raise the chances of winning and scatters that will boost payouts and even give on entry into the Marvel Mystery Jackpot.

Playing Wolverine, one will come across the wild symbol or scatter symbol. As previously mentioned, these symbols mean increased chance of payout. Unfortunately, there is no true way to predict or enhance a greater chance of payout using these symbols, however putting the game on auto play will induce more spins, and therefore, likely increase the chances of players earning these symbols. It is imperative, to maximize chances of payout, to increase the overall total bet here.

Wolverine online casino pokie features

Wolverine online casino pokie features the Beserker Rage, a phase of the game that is triggered when the reel five displays a particular symbol during a game. While this symbol may be a little difficult to describe, the results of its appearance are not. It will be easy for the player to recognize the Beserker Rage. It results in one free spin, giving the player a group of wilds distributed across all the reels of the game. This is definitely the highlight of the game, as every time the symbol appears on reel five, the Wolverine turns a predetermined number of reel spots into wilds.

Wolverine Symbols

One question remains: who do we interpret the symbols given during Wolverine online pokie? Symbols in which a given symbol appears more than twice within the main game triggers 12 Adamantium free games. These free spins appear and the tank goes up one level per each time, triggering more wilds to appear onscreen. While there is no way to predict with these free spins will appear, the player can win huge payouts if all 12 levels are filled. Although the free spins cannot be triggered again, they are certainly occurring enough times within the duration of the game to keep players coming back for more.

Wolverine online casino pokie also contains a trigger that also gives players entrance into the much coveted Marvel Mystery Jackpot. The Marvel Progressive jackpot is hit on a random basis allowing players to get an opportunity for spins towards a four-level progressive jackpot. These jackpots are available players even if triggering several of the pokies games that are chained together. While there are some complaints online of a lack of true bonus feature, Marvel Mystery Jackpot makes up for this. It feels as if the creator of Wolverine pokie may have understood this potential qualm; jackpots are distributed with frequencies a little higher than average, so players should despair. This is a great and easy game to play.

Those understanding how to play classic casino pokie games should have an easy time navigating and understanding Wolverine. As the game is played almost entirely on chance and these jackpots are evenly distributed, Wolverine online pokie can provide endless diversion. According to online reviews, the only feature that seems to be missing from Wolverine online pokie are more bonus features. Otherwise, this is a game that has enough action to keep players entertained.